Why Tactical Military Gear Is Perfect For Wildlife Observation?

Why Tactical Military Gear Is Perfect For Wildlife Observation?

I love the outdoors, even though I have been chased by a bear, bitten by snakes twice and almost lost a toe to frostbite. The outdoors is not for everybody and I will be the first to admit that. But there is something primal about being right there in the thick of nature.

A few years ago I got hooked on wildlife observation, the type you see on those wildlife programs on TV. What I can say is that the secret to getting as close as possible to your subject is blending into the environment.

They Blend In
One way to blend in is to use camouflage apparel. I personally prefer camouflage military gear. I actually have a few sets of tactical military gear apparel and each one comes in different color schemes to blend in with the different environments. I have a set of white ones which are for polar bear observation. I also have two variations of green based tactical gear apparel, one for grasslands and another which suits jungle outings.

They Are Durable
The outdoors require a person who is rugged. You can expect lots of cuts and bruises, bad weather and none of the comforts of home. Needless to say, the gear that you bring along must be durable. Leave everything that tears or breaks easily at home or you will regret it later.

Your gear needs to durable enough to get through thorny bushes, rough tree trunks and the occasional wild animal attack without falling apart.

This is the reason why I choose tactical military gear for all my expeditions. They have been through weeks of mud, snow and rain and they are still going strong. Sure I am unable to get much of the stains off but I guess it just adds character to the whole ensemble.

They Have Lots Of Storage
One thing you need when going wildlife expeditions is lots of storage space. Remember, you will be gone for weeks. You not only need spare clothes, you would also need spares of everything.

I love that my ruck pack has lots of built-in compartments that make it easy to organize and access my gear. It also has drainage holes at the bottom for wet days. Be sure to store items you want to keep dry in a plastic zip lock bag.

My military gear backpack also comes with PALS webbing which make it easy to attach gear as well as smaller pouches to it. I usually carry all the stuff that I would be using often in the outer pockets and attached pouches. That said, it would be a good idea to wrap your camera lenses with some bubble wrap to protect it against light knocks if you are going to keep them in the outer compartments..

If you are serious about wildlife observation or any other activity that has to do with long-term outdoor excursions, do give a thought about investing in some quality tactical military gear. They are not the cheapest outdoor gear around, but they are tough enough to last for years of rough usage.

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