What Is Molle Tactical Gear?

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment.

Therefore, MOLLE tactical gear could refer to any military-style equipment that uses the MOLLE system for customization.

You’ll often see the MOLLE system incorporated into many daypacks and larger backpacks these days, as well as belts and vests.

MOLLE gear allows you to attach various accessories to it, including extra storage pouches, hydration packs, hosters, and sheaths.

The MOLLE system uses PALS webbing, which is the horizontal grid attached to the front of your tactical backpack or the sides of your vest.

PALS stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System, which makes sense when you consider how much the webbing looks like a ladder!

MOLLE and PALS are often used interchangeably, but technically speaking, PLAS is the webbing, while MOLLE is the gear.

What Does It Mean To Carry MOLLE?

If someone is said to be carrying MOLLE, it means they have modular gear that they can customize to their needs.

MOLLE is commonly used by US and British Army forces, as well as special forces, law enforcement, and firefighters.

What Are MOLLE Straps Used For?

MOLLE straps are used to attach different accessories to your MOLLE gear.

No matter the attachment type, each should feature straps attached to the MOLLE webbing to hold your items safely in place.

How To Use MOLLE Gear ?
You may be surprised to learn just how many people are using their MOLLE gear in the wrong way, putting themselves in danger of losing some essential items.

MOLLE stands for "modular lightweight load-carrying equipment." It's a heavy-duty webbing system commonly found on tactical gear like backpacks, body armor, duty belts and more. This system is used to attach equipment directly to gear for quick access and to expand storage space. There are a lot of accessories that are compatible with MOLLE, but to make the most out of it, you must know how to properly use it.

Step 1: Start by locating the strap(s) on the accessory, there should be a snap on the end. This is the end you will lead your weave with.

Step 2: On the platform you'd like to attach your gear to, slide the strap underneath the first row of MOLLE. Pull it all the way.

Step 3: Locate the MOLLE webbing on the back of your accessory. Slide the strap underneath the row closest to the top.

Step 4: If your accessory has multiple rows of MOLLE, repeat the process from the beginning for each additional row.

Step 5: Once you have your accessory where you want it, snap to close. This secures the accessory.

Yes, customizing your gear using the MOLLE webbing system really is that simple. It's a quick, easy and secure way to attach and transport more than just the essentials. While it's not difficult to use, it does take time to discover what customizations work best for you.

Whatever you choose to use your MOLLE system for, once you’ve owned MOLLE gear, you’ll never be able to live without it! There’s just no other way to achieve the customization level offered by MOLLE, short of having a backpack tailor-made for you!

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