What is MOLLE Military Backpack?

What is MOLLE Military Backpack?

The MOLLE system backpack is a soldier's best friend and has been for many years. Introduced in 1997 and still used by the Army today. Pronounced Molly, MOLLE stands for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment pack. The systems modularity is from the use of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing, and heavy-duty nylon. The MOLLE military backpack is actually more "worn" than "carried".

It is a three-part system, the load pack, butt pack and the vest. It is flexible and a reconfigurable system so it improves mission efficiency. It does not compromise a soldier's readiness or mobility. The vest is used to carry things a solider would need in combat. The pack is designed to carry other gear. It comes with a quick release mechanism that disconnects the pack from the vest. With this feature, a soldier can drop his pack in combat if he needs to so he can move easier and faster. The main pack has a sleeping bag compartment and several other separate pouches. There is a patrol pack available that can be used by itself or with the main pack so the solider can carry more.

The load-bearing vest is usually continuously worn by the solider and has pockets for hand grenades and ammunition. The vest is mad of nylon mesh.

The MOLLE has a suspension system with thickly padded should straps and a waist belt. Both are adjustable for various sized soldiers. The weight of the MOLLE is spread between the shoulders and hips, which makes it more comfortable.

All of the larger pockets on the MOLLE have D-rings for carrying things; it also has an identification pocket with a plastic window. The pack itself is made of urethane-coated nylon fabric. They come with two six-foot straps for carrying heavy objects. They also come with their own repair kits. The MOLLE contains a tube delivered water pouch what holds a quart of liquid, so they eliminate the need for canteens.

The term MOLLE is also used to describe all load bearing backpack type systems and subsystems that use the PALS webbing to attach the separate pieces.

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