How Does MOLLE Pouches Work?

Wouldn’t you like a comfortable and versatile tool that would help you to survive in a better way under hostile conditions? Today we are going to describe how does MOLLE Pouches Work?

Molle, which is also known as Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is a highly efficient third-generation tool which will allow you to carry a huge number of important kits and ammunition.

People from different backgrounds like the army, paramedics, plumber, firefighters, mountain hikers can use it to carry their stuff.

There are many ways to use this thing.

Step-by-step guide on how does MOLLE pouches work?

Step 1:

There are two or three rows of heavy-duty nylon webbing with which you can easily attach your pouches. Look for the comfortable attachment point on your molly as that’s the place where you want to mount it.

Step 2:

You should attach the pouches with the webbing system, depending on how often you take off your pouches from the molly. If you remove the pouches frequently, then you do not have to weave it through all the webbing line. Make sure you straighten horizontal webbing for your desired pouches.

Step 3:

Now you can install pouch attachment strap just behind the loophole of your Molle bags. Pull it back so that you can weave it through the webbing on your pouch.

Step 4:

Carry on with alternating between bag webbing and pouch webbing until you see the pouch is strongly mounted with the kit.

Step 5:

If there is snap on the pouch, then attach it with the snap of the Molle system.

Step 6:

After completion of the full-length row webbing of the pouch and the Molle, there remains no chance of any kits falling from the pouches. That’s because it has been mounted very strongly and will allow the kit to bear any pressure under any circumstances.

Step 7:

The most effective way to attach your pouches is to keep a little bit of distance from one pouch to another so that they won’t rub against each other.

Why Should You Get a Molle?

MOLLE is one of those things which can act as one of your best friends at the time of need. It’s an easily portable, organized, and highly functional tool that would save your time and energy.

For every single person who has the passion for going out on a forest camping, it’s a great thing to keep in your bucket list.

Also, they aren’t very expensive and won’t cost you a lot of bucks.

This tactical gear is one hell of a package which helps you to get your priorities right while going out on a trip in the troublesome forest far from home. It can come in handy on the battlefield as well.

If you still haven’t used it yet, then give it a try and see what benefits you get from using this amazing kit.

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