Essential Tactical EDC Gear List For Beginners

Essential Tactical EDC Gear List

When you begin making an essential tactical gear list, you’ll likely think of the bare necessities. To set you on the right track, we’ll explore the most important items to consider having in your EDC tactical gear for any situation.

Everyday-carry items are things you should consider having on you whether in a tactical situation or not. In tactical situations, however, they can make a significant difference.

Our recommended EDC items include:

1. Tactical Backpack

A tactical backpack is the first item to have on your tactical loadout list, as it’s necessary to house all of the following items.

You’ll want to ensure you choose a style with plenty of storage for the must have tactical gear.

It’s also vital to find tactical bags made with high-quality water-resistant materials for ruggedness.

2. Cash and Credit Cards

It’s crucial to consider having both cash and credit cards on you, depending on where you travel.

Cash is often preferred, as it’s easy to carry, and most places will accept it as a payment method.

On the other hand, credit cards can also be beneficial, as you can charge purchases with a single card instead of wads of cash.

3. Tactical Wallet

With a tactical wallet, you’ll have two tools in one convenient package.

These wallets are typically equipped with necessary survival tools, such as small knives, glass breakers, and bottle openers.

Also, the materials are specifically designed to withstand plenty of wear and tear as well as weather changes.

If you want to keep your identification, money, credit cards, and permits safe, a tactical wallet is the way to go.

4. Swiss Army Knife

The value of a Swiss army knife cannot be understated, especially as it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

You’ll have a multitude of tools in one package, depending on the model you opt for.

Ensure you at least have a set of pliers, a small knife, and a screwdriver handy.

5. Tactical Watch

Although they can be expensive, tactical watches are a phenomenal upgrade to your must have tactical gear.

They have innovative technology specifically designed for survival situations.

Some higher-end models even have digital and analog time, GPS capabilities, and built-in smartphone functions.

6. Sunglasses

Even though they may seem trivial, sunglasses are among the first things military personnel ensures they have on them.

It would help to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they’re also required for visibility during the day.

7. Phone or Radio

An easily accessible method of communication cannot be understated in any situation.

Depending on where you’re venturing off to, you should consider bringing your phone or a radio, or both.

Radios are likely more reliable in the wilderness, as you might not have access to a cellphone signal.

Also, consider giving everyone in your party a radio to ensure open lines of communication.

In a survival situation, connecting with the outside world can be essential to your safety.


When planning your essential tactical gear list, you will find that you have a lot to go over.

Not only will you need basic survival gear but EDC and assault items at the same time.

With the items we listed earlier, you should be well-equipped to handle relatively any situation.

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